• About Us

    7th Media Design Studio opened its digital agency in 2007 with the vision to create compelling, beautiful and user-frien...

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  • Our People

    Our multi-disciplinary team of creative, IT, marketing, and branding specialists all work to make something you love. Wh...

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What we do

  • Strategy

    Strategy is what it takes to win customers and market share. Developing a strategy for your organization is an absolute must and shouldn’t be missed out in the process. With strategy, an organization develops a war plan to ride out the competition and seize every opportunity that will bring growth to the company out of the available internal and external resources at its disposal.

  • Technology

    What basically should make an elegant web design work, content producers to update or upload multimedia, or allow customers to perform the buying or selling of goods or services only are all nothing without technology. Not just good and working technology, but robust, scalable, flexible and easy to learn by anybody. That is why we have this open secret assessment of the value of technology to us – that it is inseparable to all everything digital that we do at 7th-Media.

  • Online Marketing

    Marketing is one of the top priorities that any well-meaning and serious organization must adopt from the beginning to the end of any production process. Many companies, however, didn’t realize the value and relevance of marketing not just in the aspect of promoting or campaigning a product or project recently launched.

  • Creative

    The creative services offered by 7th Media encompass the production of digital and non-digital works. Our creative services all share the qualities that makes for a uniquely satisfying visceral experience to consumers and online audience without losing the very principle of communicating clearly our clients’ brand messages.